Friday, June 14, 2013

Goodbye forever :(

OMG It's me Claire, and I haven't posted for a long time. (maybe :P) I'm REALLY busy with school, so I just came here to say...

GOODBYE. (Forever, I'm quitting this blog because I won't be able to handle it anymore, or post. I have too much activities and they don't involve Woozworld. :/)

SO yeah. I'm so SORRRY DX I won't be coming back, Sorry :( I know, It's sad for me too, and the other reason why i'M QUITTING this blog is because I joined too many, I need to quit some. I'm so sorry if this upsets you, though i HOPE you enjoyed me past posts. But to cheer you up, here's a funny pic.

Lol, It means I'm a total THG (The hunger games) FAN. I'M IN FANDOM WORLD, HUNGER GAMES. I like THG because Of their suspense and action, and it's a distopian fantasy. Not many people like distopian fantasy because they are too much, and because THG is too long to read, but I am used to reading. If you wanna be a book lover, start with beginner books. DONT GO LIKE, HUNGER GAMES FIRST, or you will NEVER experience the journey of a book lover <3 I'm talking nerdy stuff, i don't want to bore you. anyways that was a meme I maid. And i love you all. 

Byee and luv you! :) <3


PS: I permanently remvoed myself from this blog, sorry.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I just made a new music video, It's called "This Little Girl" (Murder) by Cady Groves.
I love the song so much :D So here it is

ROFL It's so small xD Anyways, It's supposed to be about a girl 'killing' her boyfriend.. I don't know why, It's a twisted story xDD


Byeee~ Ciao Luv Ya

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Name of Outfit: Ribbon Madness
Model: Nahcim
Hello! This is my new fashion post design x3!!!  This is exciting ;)! Anyways lets stop the news and lets bring out the fun xD!!!

Today this is my fashion post! I love this outfit because it so cute ;)! The brown lucious hair :O! And the brown isn't ordinary! It is like BROWNISH RED :O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cute :3!!! The top is adorable too! It just matches my hair ='.'=!!! The skirt is matching. Of course the top will really match anything if you had the right colors :3!!!! ~I love my eyes! It grabs people's attention and the freckles too~ <3!!!!

='.'=! So that is it!!!

Your Sweetest Blogger,

Thursday, May 30, 2013


ey everyone, just came to let you all know to never trust haileyraysBACKUP because she is a fraud and will lie to you then deny everything with a bunch of lies.
Well now you CAN'T lie anymore because you've just been found out

Put that link in your URL and watch the proof video, haileyraysBACKUP is a fraud and you should NEVER EVER trust her, everyone please report her for me


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stop Bullying!

Hey woozens. This post will be about: Stop Bullying!

We have so many bullies in woozworld, or any where! Like Nikki-Ashley (IDC if i spelled it wrong or not!You're just plain old rude!) Anyways... Nikki here is super rude to Nahcim's upcoming movie. (BTW the movie will come out during the summer! WE still need boys!) She thinks we're copying them, but TBH, we're not :)! We changed the movie's name because of her! ANYWAYS, with bullying. 
Nikki-Ashley thinks Nahcim is a liar now (but NaNa is not!) IF you think of it, that's bullying... it's basically included in Name Calling! I want to stop Nikki-Ashley from crushing our dreams... we're going to make our 
movie if you don't want us to or not! There's nothing that can't stop us : )! We've got to stop letting bullies be bullies. So Nikki-Ashley, please stop being a bully and be a good woozen let us make our movie. You'll have to take back what you called Nahcim though! 

If you have a problem about being bullied, message me in woozworld because I CARE! I'll post it on our 
blog. Then, I'll solve it. BUT, it has to be woozworld bullying, because I can solve  that problem!

Peppy signing off to do DIFFICULT Homework +-.-! See yeahs! 
Please do subscribe Nahcim's Movie 

The Girl Who's Forgotten Trailer  Thank you :)!


Announcement Of Prom King and Queen's Crown

Today woozworld announces the woozworld prom queen and king crowns :)!!!!! Here is the results!

1.) Jayden6543's Queen prom crown                  This is the drawing she made!!! -What a great artist ;)!!!!!

This is the woozworld version!!! That is gorgeous the curls the crown :)!!

Now for the Prom King Crown !!!!
 Walissoalves Drawinggg!!!

 Tada there is no woozworld version picture yet :)! But that looks fab!!!

Congratulations winners!!

Outstanding Job!! I love it :)!!!


Hehe ^-^ hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting, I'm getting ready to go to New Zealand this summer and I've been SUPER busy. Ill have to go on a break also because while I'm in NZ i won't spend my time on woozworld ;) 2 of my friends are coming along with me so I'll be with them, but when i get back I'll be post CRAZY


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Look Guide!

Hola TVWoozers! xD
Claire here and I'm like; SO SORRY, for not posting. My recital is coming up soon and I practice for like 7 hours a day =-= So yea today is my spare time to do stuff o.0
Anyways, let's skip to the topic.
I know a lot of you woozens like to CHANGE your look. But sometimes, people don't know how, like the face, skin color, eyes and your color code. Well today, I'll give you some advice of a nice way to change your look. This is for girls only :P

Ok, here's if you're going for cutie makeup.

You want to go white and have a cutie face?

 Face 1:                      Face 2;

Neon blue eyes - FF    Green eyes-
Light pink Lipstick        
 - EDC7D2                 Red lipstick-
Here are some of the gorgeous colors of lipstick if you want a white skin color and cutie face. Never ever EVER use the pale/white skin, it doesn't suite for cutie. White lipstick also is not really good. Because it mostly suites people who are dark skinned, but not white. Try to go for dark colors. But light pink lipstick suites anyone. Examples for white cutie makeup colors are: Dark green, Dark blue, Light pink, Red, Raspberry, rose and ultra violet purple. But I think those 2 faces I showed you are the best, for me.

You want to go tan and have a cutie face?

Face 1:                   Face 2:

Light blue eyes-      Turquoise eyes-
00DAE4                 08DEB2

Hot pink lipstick-     Peach lipstick-
FF69B4                  FC9A88

Those are the BEST makeup colors for tan skin. I suggest that you should NEVER use red eyes, unless you want to look like a VAMPIRE? o.0 And white lipstick is good too. Like I said in the first paragraph. And light blue and turquoise eyes are the most beautiful eye colors for tan. Because since you're tan; go for LIGHT colors. they bring out your colors since they stand out. Examples for tanned cutie makeup colors are: Hot pink, peach, white, silver, black and brown. And peach and pink are the BEST.

Ok, so here's if you're going for innocent makeup.

You want to go white and have an innocent face?

Face 1:                   Face 2:
Dark blue eyes-      Light blue eyes-
003E77                  2C81CF

Light pink lipstick-   Light pink lip
EDC7D2                 stick-

Most people don't like innocent, because it's more like for 'babies' xP But I really love it, and it's my face right now. I don't think there's any other good colors for innocent, Just dark blue or light blue eyes. Espeically the light pink lipstick color. But white goes good if you want to have INNOCENT makeup with WHITE lipstick. But I never see anyone in innocent with a tan color o.0 '-' So yea, those are my choices and that's my advice.

Hope it helps! Need/ Want a new look?! Here it is! Thanks for reading :) And now I have to wash-up for my next class, I have art class every Wednesday. Anyways, thanks! Yet again, I'm Clairethetough x3 Have a nice day!

P.S.: Here's the song I'm addicted to right now... xP It's WEIRD.

It's what the advanced people in our recital are gonna act/dance out to.

Byee!! ~Luv yew and ciao <3~

New outfits!

Mya wooz's outfit:
The hair is gorgeous and the dress gorgeous as well. (I got this outfit but i am out of wooz now) you know that it is a MUST get outfit ^.^!!!!! The hair is....LUCIOUS!


Jenny wooz's outfit:
Eh...I would rate it 5/10! Since the hair sorta cute but i don't like it much.....better if it was longer. The dress is cute if you combined mya wooz's hair with jenny's!


Jaywooz's outfit:

His hair i guess not cool since it is soo crazy o-O!!!  His whole outfit is fine ^.^!!!! it'll probably look good with a different face (No offence people with those faces)....!


Maxwooz's outfit:

His outfit matches his wife's, but what i think is that they're like from the country side x3!!!  But i love his outfit and his pants o-o!!!


Fashion post is soon to be out ^.^!!!!
Logo Contest is soon to be out!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sorry For not posting

Hey woozens! I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately. Very busy because it's close towards the end of the 
school year! Which means... more BIGGER projects! Anyways... i just realized that I haven't ever introduced myself... i apologize! So... I'm gonna introduce my self now!
Favorite Food: Homemade Pizza
Favorite Movies: Hunger Games, Scream (all of 'em),etc.
Favorite Tv Series: H20, Adventure Time, Walking Dead, Grimm, etc.
Favorite Dessert: Home Made Cheese Cake
Favorite Hobbies: Swimming when warm, etc.
Favorite Games: Woozworld, Skyrim, ResidentEvil 6, LBP2
Favorite Books: Hunger Games, Shiver, Child Called It
Favorite Music: When I was you man, Girl On Fire, etc.
Favorite Color: Light Pink and Blue.
Habits: Playing with duct tape and create things 
Personality: Happy & Non-aggressive 
Hate The Most: When People Bully each other and when people only date you by the looks not your personality!
Before Me and After Me

This is me before, when i began.                                   This is me after Nahcim gave me some wooz. Thnx!